Lent 2021


Lent is forty days of prayer, fasting and penance after the example of the Lord Himself
who spent forty days in the desert in preparation for his ministry.

There are three marks to Lent:
Prayer in the home: join our Rosary each day, link into 10 am Mass on Webcam, pray with the children.
Penance: Lent is an opportunity to reflect on our lives on our relationships with others
and our words and behaviour, it is a time to make amends, changes and start anew
Fasting: Even though we are in lockdown and we are making many sacrifices we realise
that others may be worse off than ourselves so our fasting is geared towards assisting others and the poor as best we can.

June 11, 2021
Weekly Bulletin 13/06/2021 [...](read more)

June 6, 2021
Blessing of the Graves 2021 http://vimeo.com/559483335