Weekly Bulletin 22/11/2020

Weekly Bulletin 22/11/2020

Christ the King
Today we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, it is the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year. The Kingship of Jesus Christ is not focused on riches or power. Christ our King is more the Shepherd who knows his flock, the fair judge. He invites all who have acted with justice and generosity to take their place in his kingdom. He is in solidarity with the least of his people. He is a King whose main concern is those who are hungry, homeless, sick and in prison. The Kingship of Christ is centred around charity, compassion and forgiveness and service. To honour our King we do as He wants us to, there are simple acts of kindness we can carry out each day, love for others is love for God ‘In so far as you did it to the least of these sisters and brothers of mine, you did it to Me’

Let your T Ds know.
“We need Mass’ Archbishop Eamonn Martin
“I encourage all Catholics to make contact with their T D s to remind them that being separated from the Sacraments and from the reception of the Eucharist is a painful absence”.
Our churches are prepared to be fully compliant with all safeguarding measures as we were in the Summer.

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